Nov 1, 2010

Workshop Pens

My post isn't stamp related today, but I thought I would share this idea since it's coming up to Christmas and this would make a cute gift for someone.(.I originally got the idea from Dawn Griffiths blog) I made this watering can of pens  to use in my workshops and looks so much nicer than a boring packet of biros..To make the pens you get a bunch of artificial flowers and use the wire cutters to cut off each flower leaving about two inches of stem. Lay the stem against the top of the biro and use florists tape to wind around the stem and the pen (I got my florists tape at the junk shop but if you can't find it there you should be able to buy some from a florist)
Pop the pens into a pretty watering can or flower pot and voila!! Instant pretty! I have recently had orders for these for teachers gifts and for sign in areas of aren't they!
While I am here I thought I would show you a few pics of my stamping room. You know when you read peoples blogs and you see those amazing rooms that lool like something out of a Glossy magazine...well mine is not like that!! lol
My room is actually a double garage which is detached from our the sixteen years we have lived here it has never had a car parked in there...Two of my girls have used it as a granny flat, it has been used as a games room and more recently as a drop zone for all sorts of junk...but when I joined Stampin' Up! I claimed it as my lady cave.
As you can see I have no fancy furniture, in fact nothing matches, but it is all very practical and cost next to nix! I got the two steel framed tables and 12 very corfortable chairs at the auction for $130...what a bargain. I can comfortably seat 10 and that's with plenty of elbow room...the shelves you can see were free and the revolving card stand was a gift from a friend who paid $11 for it at a Tender Centre.
The opposite side of my room has my older style punches hanging on tea towel rails I got at Bunnings for $2 each...more free shelves and a free desk up the back (gotta love other peoples cast offs!)

The trestle table up the back is handy at supper time when I serve my class ladies some yummy cooked snacks and egg and lettuce sandwiches (and in winter I spoil them with home made pumpkin soup and crusty bread)
Although I dream of a stamping studio like the ones in Home Beautiful the reality is it aint  ever gonna happen but I have to say I love my lady cave regardless and I can hold classes and workshops without interupting hubby while he is watching Law and Order and CSI lol.


  1. Love the pens. I also love your room. I would die to have a separate place to call my own. Lucky you.

  2. WoW! Very clean and organized. No one would have a problem finding their creativity in a workshop like this. Thanks for sharing, it gives me something to aspire for.
    Sharon in Puyallup, WA

  3. i love the stamp club clubhouse!!! bec x

  4. Bev I think your lady cave looks great. You've done a super job! It certainly puts my garage (aka junk zone) to shame :)

  5. Hi Bev, My upline is Angie Brown. Angie gave me the link to your blog. Love your craft room. :)

  6. Love your flowers but WOW that cave is
    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I love how organized everything is! I'm still in the transition of doing that! Can't wait till it is done. Thanks for the ideas to use in my own space!

  7. OMG Bev!!!! It's soooooo tidy lol :)
    You already know I love your stamping area, you have so much room in there the pictures don't do it justice, and being detached from the house you can be as loud as you please and everyone's happy!
    Bev you have THE BEST SET UP !Now seriously how long did it take to tidy up?? he he
    Angie xxx


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