Jun 1, 2010

Little Gift Idea

Hi all, just a quick post to show you one of the items we made in this weeks class....It is a little slide cover box thingy which goes over a small pack of incense sticks. I then made a lift up flap to reveal where you write your message to the intended...I used Petal Pizzazz agin, that set is sooo versatile!
An agape update...Cards are slowly starting to come in ...I received some lovely ones from Barbie Sedgewick and Shirley McAvoy sent a very cute collection of Fox and Friends cards...more are on their way,Iwill keep you posted...I know I have made around fifty so far and my class girls have been busy too....especially Wendie who has been very busy...I contacted Stampin Up! and told them what I was doing and they VERY generously donated a box of card making supplies to help with our efforts.. I was blown away with what they sent and it is all being put to good use...so thankyou Stampin Up! will take a  pic when they all the cards arrive....please...if you would like to help (see a few posts down) I would still like more cards if you are able!

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