Jan 8, 2011

Abracadabra! A Magic Card

I have been wanting to do one of these for ages but when I was at the Newsagency the other day I saw one and it jogged my memory...
I used Inspired by Nature to stamp the grasses on the front of the card base and the bird and butterfly are from the Every Moment set.

You pull up the card and the image goes from black and white to colour!! Have a go at making one, they are easy!
* I have had a few people ask how I made this one...I copied one I saw at the newsagency but it would probably be easiest just to google magic card....I just did and there are quite a few tutorials...much easier than me trying to explain the method to my madness!


  1. Very cool! I have not seen this technique before. I'll have to try it out. TFS!

  2. OK I'm impressed, but how did you do this?

  3. I really like your take on this one. May have to CASE this one. Thanks for sharing.


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