Jan 18, 2011

Pop Up Birthday Card

This little hippo is so cute ..I love using her on birthday cards... for the front I stamped the balloon from Crazy For Cupcakes and placed the hippo in front of that...she is from Pun Fun....Love that set!
On the inside there are balloons which pop up when you open the card...I just made this by playing around..I am sure there are lots of ways to make cards like this but mine is a regular card scored with a thin spine as you would do when covering a notebook. The pop up piece is cut from another piece of cardstock stuck to the inside. I rolled the bottom of the card with Retro Remix and added a sentiment from Heard from the heart

* I would like to thank all the wonderful ladies who attend my classes who very generously donated goods to the flood effort. I dropped them off at the Dream Centre in Carrara and they were very grateful. In all we collected two washing baskets (overflowing) full of toothpastes, toothbrushes, hair brushes, deoderants, shampoos, conditioners, cleaning products, gloves, garbage bags, scrubbing brushes, soap, cloths...the list goes on...hard to believe we achieved that within our small group all in just a couple of days...thankyou all for your kindness..after watching all the footage on TV about the clean up of Brisbane I have to say I am very proud to call myself a Queenslander...the number of volunteers has been astounding, I get a lump in my throat when I see complete strangers helping others...we are all mates after all. I feel so sad for all those who lost family and friends in the floods...there are no words for grief like that


  1. Such an adorable card Bev. I hope you don't mind if I add it to my case file :)


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