Apr 14, 2011

Extreme Surfer Brayered Card

As I mentioned yesterday, I am trying to master the brayer. I tried to case this extreme surfer card by Sharon Field here but mine was looking nothing like it! However when I look at it today it really doesn't look that bad..apart from my horizon line being too high, the sunrays too wide and too long, the bodgey fingerprint in the top corner that I tried to cover up with a naff looking sun, the wave behind the surfer which resembles a big blue blob, and my waves too pale...but apart from that lol....I will NOT give up, I am going to practice til I wear my brayer out!


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  2. Hi Bev, I love this card. Your brayering is just fantastic and you have given new life to the stamp. Congratulations on being selected on blog finds of the day - well deserved.

  3. I think you are being far too hard on yourself. You've done an amazing job!! Looks stunning from where I sit :)

  4. I hear you Bev, I have never been too good with the brayer but you have done a fantastic job. I did not even notice one of those mistakes that you pointed out. My husband is sitting on the couch and he even said "isn't that clever".

    So give yourself a pat on the back. You have actually inspired me to get mine out. Let's see how successful I will be. Thanks for sharing


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