Apr 25, 2011

Punched Poppies Centre Step Card

Since it's ANZAC Day I thought it would be fitting to do something with poppies which are associated with rememberance. I totally winged this one by looking at  a photo of a poppy and trying to create one with circles...this is how I did it if you are interested..
Start by roughly cutting out three circles with a diameter of approx 2 inches. Spritz the circles on both sides with water then one by one roll them up, unroll and then rub each one between the palm of your hands. You rub them until you can carefully seperate each circle into two pieces..you will end up with 6 circles, enough to make two poppies. Punch a one inch circle from black card and snip all the way around  creating a fringe.

Layer three of your large circles with the black circle in the middle then pierce a hole in the centre of all the layers and attach a black brad. Then you just "fluff up' all the layers. To finish my card I hand cut some stems, buds and leaves..Lest We  Forget.


  1. I love your poppies very very much!! AWESOME!!!

  2. Oh Bev, you did it again!!! What a GORGEOUS card!!! LOVE it, gonna try to make these poppies too!

  3. That is a fabulous card. I love it.

  4. These are great!

  5. This is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing how you made the poppies.

  6. This is really an absolutely stunning card. A fitting tribute to the ANZACS. Thanks for the flower instructions too.


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