Apr 6, 2011

Tea Bag Holder

This is a remake of a teabag holder I made a while back minus the bellyband. To make this cut a strip of cardstock 21 cm x 8.5 cm and score at 4.5cm, 13.5cm and 14 cm. 

With your cardstock in the vertical position use the scallop edge punch to edge the longer flap across the 8.5 cm edge and use the wide oval to take a bite out of the bottom flap. Use sticky strip to glue the side edges of the 4.5 cm flap to create a pocket for your teabag. I use the kettle from the Morning Cup set to embellish the front. Quick and easy..you could whip these up for the kids Mother's Day stalls at school...speaking of Mother's day stalls, I remember a few pressies I have received from my kids class stalls over the years. My eldest daughter gave me a lovley coffee cup one year wrapped in torn cellophane where she had dipped in and eaten the chocolates...my middle daughter gave me a packet of padlocks??? and my youngest gave me a vinyl shower curtain..she questioned me a few months later why I wasn't using it and I had to point out we had glass shower screens lol!


  1. Cute project. Like the colors you used :D

  2. This is one gorgeous project and totally deserves to be on blog finds of the day. Congratulations.


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