Jul 15, 2010

Loads of Love

It's lucky you can't be arrested for being a slack Blogger!!! What can I say, life has been busy...but I am baaaackk!
This stamp set has been on my wish list since day one and thanks to a special Stampin' Up! has this month, I finally buckled and got it. This is really simple to make and best of all it's interactive...pull on the slider and the car drives...I need one like that!! I used a brayer and sponging for the background...(not my strong point I should add) and used Pocket silhouettes for the foreground. The tree in the background comes with the Loads of Love set...
*I was hoping no one would notice but I have been caught!! The slider should have started on the left hand side so the car could drive rather than reverse lol...so if you make one of these don't make that mistake!

This is a simple gift bag we did in last weeks stamp club. I bought some cheap bags from the markets and we just made an embellished panel for the front using Petal Pizzazz.....the ladies complined about all the cutting they had to do...but I told them to pipe down and keep on cutting lol

Lastly a card I cased from the internet but unfortunately I commited it to memory rather than my computer so I have no idea of the original creator..sorry...That's it for me for now I shall return when I have made something else..but before I go.....

Stay tuned for the ESAD blog hop starting July 24th!! Some fabulous ideas coming soon!

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  1. Hi, Bev, I saw your post at LNS and had to come see what you did to make the truck move. You're going in reverse, though! LOL. What a great idea - I may have to CASE this next time I use this set.


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